According to Chinese mythology, Pangu was the first man on Earth. In the beginning the universe was enclosed in an egg that contained the universal principles of Yin and Yang. Here Pangu was formed for 18 thousand years. Once awake, he wanted to move, but ot being able to do it he took an ax and destroyed the egg, thus creating heaven and Earth. However he was not able to stand up so he put the sky over his head and, kicking the ground with his feet, he increased the distance between sky and Earth. He grew 3 meters more per day for thousands of years and became 45 thousand kilometers tall. At the end he got tired and lied on the ground. From his body the Universe was born: his left eye became the sun, the right became the moon, his breath wind and clouds, his words became thunder, his beard and hair stars, the head and limbs directions and mountains. Pangu is the fusion of two different words, pan, meaning home, and gu, continued.