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China: waiting for the change of political leadership the violence against dissidents continues

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Yu Jie

Writer Yu Jie told reporters who had flocked to Washington at his latest book’s presentation, China’s Best Actor: Wen Jiabao, about the violence in his homeland. “After over a year of inhumane treatment and painful struggle, I had no choice but to leave China,” he said. The police stopped him for no apparent reason, interrogated him, stripped him naked, beat him

Ninety-five people punished for violations in the elections in Russia

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MOSCOW, 19 JAN – Ninety-five people were punished for committing 3,000 violations during the elections for the Duma last December 4th. The prosecution stated that there are cases in which prisoners, former prisoners and mentally disabled where hired

China and dissident writers: Yu Jie presents his book in Washington

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WASHINGTON, JANUARY 19 – The Chinese dissident writer Yu Jie presented his latest book in Washington: China’s Best Actor: Wen Jiabao. The artist, friend of the Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo, has told of the “inhuman treatment”