Folco Terzani



A piedi nudi sulla terra (Barefoot on the ground) is the story of the life of a man who chose to leave everything behind to get into asceticism: from father to pioneer of the hippie movement in Italy, to globetrotting junkie until he became an Indian sadhu, Cesare decides not to be content of an ordinary existence and to bring his spiritual quest to extremes. It is the true story of a man who is never revealed in its full identity by the author. Written by Folco Terzani, the book deals with complex issues, such as individual self-determination and destiny, following the daily decisions of an out of the ordinary man. Writer and documentary filmmaker, Terzani is also the author of La fine è il mio inizio (The end is my beginning), the book in which he collected his last conversations with his father Tiziano.


Italian version, Mondadori, 232 Pages