Tishani Doshi


The dancer and poet Tishani Doshi started out with this novel that takes place between Madras, Chennai’s old name, and the United Kingdom. The book talks of roots and the difficulty of finding a place in the world following the story of a Jain family. Babo is the real protagonist of the book, thanks to his love for the Welsh Sian. Their passion is the basis of the book, which goes beyond the initial impact of the Indian family that stands against their story, at first, only to befriend the newcomer soon after. The story is seen through the eyes of several characters including Babo’s, Sian’s, the daughter of the two, Bean, and grandmother Ba’s, who is the thread that binds all and who knows when to intervene to save her family despite being old and nearly blind. The saga takes place within 33 years, since 1968, and has more or less in the background some of the most important events of Indian history. The story of the same author recalls that of the fictional family.

Bloomsbury, 320 pages