JOHANNESBURG, 27 FEB – The fashion of dreadlocks has exploded once again in recent years in South Africa, and with it a new phenomenon: the thieves of hair. Growing dreadlocks it requires several years and often people are not willing to wait that long to show off their new hair: according to the hairdressers this would facilitate the black market. More and more cases are reported of people being forced to cut dreadlocks under threat. Jack Maseko, 28, told the BBC his experience: “They had a knife and cut off my hair with scissors. I still feel pain when I think about that night.” On the streets it is not rare to find dreadlocks for sale: those shoulder-length cost about 200 rand, about 17 euros, up to 700 rand for longer ones,while the longest can cost as much as two thousand rand, more than 170 euro, a small treasurein South Africa.