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Even the Simpsons attend at Brazil 2014, Homer will be a tournament referee

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NEW YORK, 24 OCT – Homer Simpson will be a referee in World Cup Brazil 2014. The American television channel Fox explained that the episode entitled “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee”

Moscow blocking imports of fruit and vegetables from Pakistan, stuck a market of 170 million dollars

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MOSCOW, 2 OCT – The Russian government has imposed a total ban on the import of horticulture products from Pakistan. It is an important decision because every year fruits and vegetables and sold to Russia

Mumbai among the most “honest” cities in the world, in second place in the “wallet test”

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LONDON, 26 SEP – 9 of the 12 wallet containing 3,000 rupees, about 36 euro, dropped in a road on the streets of Mumbai were returned. The economic capital of India is in second place